Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why you should shot RAW. Save a Image that other wise would have been done with JPG.

Why is shooting in RAW format so important? Cause it gives you the chance to save the image that you were able to capture but might have not had the right settings, or missed exposed cause you were in Aperture mode like i was. RAW will let you have some leeway with editing and save an image that would normally be a ruined one if it was taken in JPG format. Let me explain how I got from one image to the other.
The edited photo. taken into light room 5
The original photo
   So I was out at the Brews & Blues Festival this year in Reno, NV.  I was out taking some Photos with my D7000 and my 35mm 1.8(My street Photography set up) the same set up I used in South Korea street photography(click here to see that post) I was walking around and partaking in some adult beverages while I was trying not to run into people left and right. Also, I was trying to snap some photos when I could get a seen that captures "the moment".   I was in line waiting to get a refill and I looked up and saw Clouds. Yes, I said clouds. Living in Nevada, you will learn real fast that in the summer you will have only about 6 days out of a 5 month time frame that clouds are in the sky. Most of the time is a great blue sky with maybe 1-2 clouds.  So I pointed my Camera up and snapped a photo of this nice part of the silver legacy building with the clouds and sky in the back ground and then I went on my way. When I got a chance to take a look at the camera, I realized that my framing was right on what I wanted but I was about 3 stops under exposed. I mean I really screwed this one up. Either way, the clouds are gone and me going back and waiting in line was not going to happen again. I just had to hope that I could fix it when I get home.

I imported the photo into Light Room when I got home and played with it till you can see the final image. As you can see that Light Room does a really good job of bring back all of the details that you lost in the photo, it's a tool that every "photographer" should have in their bag to tricks. Check out the video to see my work flow on an image like this.  Here are some other images of what I took that day.

Converted to Black & White, Sharpen, and cropped to fix.

Same as Above, 35mm was to short so had to crop a lot more. however you cant tell with all the editing done.