Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Life after Marlbaro Black Book Photo Contest.

     First things first! A little recap on how this all came about.  Last year as i was wondering the streets of New York City  and i got a email from Marlboro. I was dumbfounded by this email. I opened it up and low and behold it said that i was a finalist of the Black Book Photo Contest. I almost dropped my phone on the streets of NYC when i seen this. I wrote this contest off months before this just thinking that i had no chance at this.  So after i called up the nice lady at Marlboro and said that i had 2 days to turn in the required paper work so i can keep my spots was a little nerve wracking. Ok, with that said lets fast forward to now. Here are some images that i posted on my facebook. Got a Welcome package and here is a image of the gear that i won. I did walk away as a winner of 2 of the 4 contest that we competed in. Winning the Model shoot really made me want to get more into portraits.

Welcome Package from Marlboro

The Gear i was given to work with.

     So i am home now(Tokyo) and enjoying every moment out here. Exploring every weekend and just trying to move to the next level in my photography. I feel like i have upped it to the next level and am creating images that am very happy with. I figured out a new work flow that lets me back up, import, edit very fast in different programs, and export and back up in different places very fast.  To compare this to what i was doing before, well lets just say i that i have cut down my time spent in front of the IMac from "8 Hours" to maybe 1-2 hours for a editing session.
        I now also started to use Iphoto to help organize my photos more then just a folder that says "done images". It lets me rename and add a description PLUS add a location to it also. I can export also to different media sites like my Flickr and my Smug-mug site with just a click of a button now. Saving me time that i could use in other places. I did this cause the fact that if i do want to take it to the next level i must be efficient with my time.  
Image taken with the Iphone 5S in Tokyo.
I plan on working more strobist type images and time lapse Photography. Both are something that i really want to get my feet wet in. I feel like images with off camera lighting and done right just look amazing. You can recreate window light if you don't have any or create a point of focus on a subject with just a simple flash. With time lapse video, I think every one thinks the same thing as i do.... Its Freaking Awesome!  I feel like i have got a good hold on Landscape images but i can always improve on it.

Some of my new landscape shots
My street Photography stuff.
Last but not least is that am starting to get more into street photography. I love that you can capture a moment of time, showing some ones reaction. I am working on a "secret" Project that i should be posting here in the near future. So if you have any other questions, feel free to just ask.