Saturday, September 20, 2014

Review of the Golla GARNET Pro Sling Camera Bag.

While it was time for a new bag and this time i was thinking of a bag that could carry a lot of camera gear and this time not be a back pack or a messenger bag style but it had to look cool and must of all....Hold a Tripod.  So after looking all over the internet at sites like B&H and Adorama and my search was coming up hopeless. Till one of the ads that was running on the side of the webpage i was on had the Golla Garnet and i thought to my self "that it looks really cool". So i clicked it and off i was sent off to some Japan camera store called yodobashi camera. After looking at it and searching for a few more places i was able to find it for half price at best buy of all places. I placed that puppy in my cart and checked out!

So i have this brand new camera sling bag that looks military on the outside and bright red on the inside. If you are wanting something that stands out, This is the bag for you!

So i have been using this bag for a few months now and i have fallen in love with this thing. its my go to bag when ever i need to take my gear out and not worry about a large camera bag. its can easily be brought to the front of your body with out taking off the bag and grab what ever gear you need..... FAST AND EASY!! all with out missing a beat. The large padded strap has a nice rugged buckle that you can un clip to remove or put on the back with out raising the strap over the head(very nice to have this feature in a tight area like a subway car or a restaurant). The bag also has a nice handle on the top of the bag that feel good in the hand. Over all this bag fits every aspect of what i was looking for!

Top down view.

Side view, you can see the 2 front pockets and the main compartment.

This bag is made out of a strong durable material and padded structure protect your equipment in any situation that you get your self into. This bag has 4 different pockets in total that fit your every day gear. 2 smaller ones that face away from the back of the body for spare items like battery's and spare cards. I use these for items like a GoPro for Time-lapse along with spare travel good that i might need. 1 Ipad pocket that will fit your ipad with a medium size. That brings us to the main compartment for your camera gear, This compartment is sporting a bright red color and comes with 3 dividers for your ever changing gear setup and a zipper net pocket under flap so you can store small items like battery's and cards and such. This huge open compartment can easily fix a Canon 5Dm3 with a 70-200 F2.8 attached and have space for a few other lenses in this main compartment. You would still have the outer 2 pockets and the Ipad pocket for other gear as needed. But the biggest selling point for this bag was the 2 straps for the Tripod holder on the side that most sling bags DO NOT have.

the top view with the main compartment open. you can see the flap with the zipper pocket, and the 3 dividers that i arrange to manage my gear.

My IPad 2 with a hard case fits in the back sleeve pocket. some times i even forget i have it in there.
Just to show you how much space you really have, here is the 70-200 F2.8 with lens hood. I can still fit 2 more lens and a body and a flash in the main compartment.
I normally have this bag set up to carry a Canon 5Dm3 with a 17-40, and use the dividers to create a lower section where i store a 24-105 F4 and a 50 F1.4 for spare lenses with just enough space to have a filter set on the very bottom.  This is a very fast and easy to access setup that i use 90% of the time i use this bag.  I can change to any lens and still fit the new camera setup back into the camera compartment and not have to change any of the dividers to fix this new set up.  In the front pockets i have a GoPro Hero3 that i do Time-lapse with and some other day to day photography items. If i was going out for a night outing, i would take my Manfrotto Tripod. So in total i would have a Camera, 3 lenses, filters and remote timers, cards and battery's, Gopro and a tripod all in a small bag...... DING! that is a winner!!!!!!!
Me with the camera bag on. very easy to use. just sling it to the front to grab any gear.