Friday, March 20, 2015

First Impression of the Sony A7R

So i just got a Sony A7R in the mail from DigitalRev.Com and i wanted to do a first impressions of it so far after 2 days of using it.  very first impression of this was "oh my gosh it's so small!"  This camera body is ridiculously small and it barely fits in the size of my hand which might be one of the downsides.  After marveling at the size of it soon realize that most of my Canon lenses are going to be double the size of this body.  One of the things that make this camera so special is the fact that you use adapters to use your current glass or vintage glass that is very unique to this camera system.  I've been using only my Canon lenses on this so far and I'm going to separate focusing on it is sub par for what it should be doing.  Just think of it as using your normal Canon camera in live you mowed and focusing like that all the time.  However this camera does provide An excellent manual focusing system.  The button layout is a little awkward at first however once you learn how to customize it, it then becomes quite fun.
      Like i said, its more of a quick "hey i get this camera and going to test it out" so please stay tuned and i will post a video and a blog post about it soon!