Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hello and Yes, Am not dead.

Sorry for being away so much, just been really busy with work and everything else to takes up my spare time..... like a job.  Well after doing some searching and looking around the web i have came up with a few answers about my life. 1) You have to have a job to keep living, and 2) work sucks, plan and simple.

     So i have been looking into creating something for the masses. Its going to be a guide book about Tokyo and the places that i go to and see. It will have "how to get there" directions, best times to see things, and what to do for photography....(i am a photographer, only makes sense too).

And i have been doing a lot more you tube and think i will try and start that back up. So i leave you with this, a fast edit of a image i took a few days before Christmas. Please like and subscribe if you thing you want to see more of this!