Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Top 10 Images from 2014

         Last year has been a interesting year with traveling and exploring and with my work. Along with seeing new parts of the world and learning new things from people in real life and from my favorite.... YOUTUBE. So i just wanted to post my Top 10 Favorite images of 2014. SO here they are!  I am also working on a Ebook and some Google Maps for the best spots to see in each part of the city. Plus am working on posting more to my YouTube and Blog more often. Till then, Cheers!

This is my Number 1 Image i think. This image started me down the road of light trails

This image is my #2 cause this is the one that i had to learn how to clone and recreate part of the image to remove a tree limb.

This is my #3 cause it was my first time blending Light trails with a HDR image.

This is my #4 image cause from what i learned from #3 and took it to the next level and did it with the lasers

This is #5 cause this is when i realized that my camera was weather sealed and i could get some amazing shots in crappy weather.

This is #6 cause this is the time i figured out how to shoot with with glass in front of me.

#7 I started to explore more and found this spot and used what i learn from #6 to make this amazing shot of Shibuya crossing.

#8. learning how to get over the fear of shooting people. I started a project that i had to shoot people but had to wait for them to look at me. Check out more are.....

#9, learning to go back to past spots and learn how to look at things different and make it better.

#10, Taking a note from +Trey Ratcliff on doing multiple layers of focus.

And my runners up are.....

Snow Monkeys of Nagano

Rainbow bridge on the Google+ photowalk

Shibjuku On my photowalk with eyexploretokyo

Google+ Photo walk Tokyo